Vaccinating children

The body of each child is protected by their immune system. It is in our power to strengthen this system even more, taking into account the characteristics of a child’s immune system.

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Vaccination of adults

An average adult is exposed to thousands of pathogens daily. The immune system, which works continuously and imperceptibly, protects the body from those pathogens.

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For healthcare workers

Healthcare workers professionals play a very important role in conducting vaccination. The information and explanations received from them affect people's decisions, and the feedback and statistics collected help direct vaccination policies.

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Travel vaccination

In order to avoid infectious diseases, travellers to risk areas should turn to their own family physician or travel medicine office at least 4 weeks before the trip, for a medical examination and, if necessary, to get vaccinated.

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Suurem osa vaktsiinivastaseid reklaame Facebookis olid rahastatud kahe organisatsiooni poolt

17. Nov 2019


Suurem osa Facebooki reklaamidest, mis jagasid valeinformatsiooni vaktsiinide kohta, olid rahastatud kahe USA vaktsiinivastaste grupi poolt, selgus sel nädalal avaldatud uuringus.


Kaks organisatsiooni The World Mercury Project, mida juhib Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Ja California organisatsioon Stop Mandatory Vaccination, ostsid 54 protsenti vaktsiinivastastest reklaamidest, vahendab Washington Post. 


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