Estonia has set itself the aim of making the COVID-19 vaccination available to all Estonian residents in 2021, and to achieving the vaccination of the highest possible share of the population. It is very important to protect the most vulnerable residents in Estonia and those individuals who are included in risk groups.

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Vaccinating children

The body of each child is protected by their immune system. It is in our power to strengthen this system even more, taking into account the characteristics of a child’s immune system.

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Vaccination of adults

An average adult is exposed to thousands of pathogens daily. The immune system, which works continuously and imperceptibly, protects the body from those pathogens.

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For healthcare workers

Healthcare workers professionals play a very important role in conducting vaccination. The information and explanations received from them affect people's decisions, and the feedback and statistics collected help direct vaccination policies.

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Neljapäeval toimub venekeelne vaktsineerimise infotund

18. Feb 2021

covid19 vaktsineerimine


Neljapäeval, 18. veebruaril kell 16.00 toimub venekeelne vaktsineerimise teemaline infotund haridus- ja noorteasutuste töötajatele.


Vaktsineerimisega seonduvast räägivad doktor Arkadi Popov, Ravimiameti esindaja Maia Uusküla, Sotsiaalministeeriumi ning Haridus- ja Teadusministeeriumi esindajad.

Infotundi saab järelvaadata.


Haridustöötajate vaktsineerimise kohta leiad infot Haridus- ja Teadusministeeriumi veebilehelt »




JÄRELVAADATAV : 11.02.2021 toimus eestikeelne infotund haridustöötajatele COVID-19 vaktsineerimisest