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Protect your loved ones!

Science has provided us with an efficient way of preventing numerous infectious diseases in the form of the vaccination.

Vaccinating children

The body of each child is protected by their immune system. It is in our power to strengthen this system even more, taking into account the characteristics of a child’s immune system.

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Vaccination of adults

An average adult is exposed to thousands of pathogens daily. The immune system, which works continuously and imperceptibly, protects the body from those pathogens.

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Here you can find vaccination points.

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12. Dec 2023

Expanded HPV vaccination program for boys and adolescents to launch in Estonia starting next February

The Immunoprophylaxis Expert Committee operating under the Ministry of Social Affairs has made a significant decision, recommending vaccination against Human Papillomavirus (HPV) for boys as well. Additionally, all 15-18-year-olds are offered the opportunity for free catch-up vaccination. As a result, starting February of the next year, young individuals in Estonia aged 12-18 who are interested will have access to free vaccination against HPV. Furthermore, the committee recommends changing the current HPV vaccination schedule from a two-dose to a one-dose scheme.